What does technology hold for us in the next ten years?

Ten years ago, our lives were not the way we are accustomed to today, as most phones at that time had modest and limited specifications, and social media had not spread in such a large way, and we did not hear terms such as “Gamer”, “YouTuber” and Fluger, assistant audio or even 3D printing. All the things that we are used to and familiar with today are technologies that have developed and crystallized during the past ten years. All of this opens the door to an important question: “What will our lives look like in the next ten years?”

In the following article, we will review the most promising technologies that may develop over the next ten years to have a significant impact on our lives, and we will discuss their future applications objectively away from imagination to learn how we can make full use of them.

Internet of Things IOT

This technology is considered one of the most vital technologies, and it has developed significantly and remarkably in recent years, providing a mixture of the most important technologies of the past decade.

The Internet of Things is nowadays widely used in commercial and industrial establishments; Because of the features that it offers from central control and continuous monitoring, in addition to the ability to early detection of faults, all the previous features made this field one of the first destinations that technology companies go to for investment, especially investing in the application of this technology in homes.

Perhaps the most prominent recent example of this technology is the Google Nest Thermostat, which is a smart thermostat equipped with artificial intelligence that helps users to automatically and manually control air conditioning and heating devices in the home by consuming the least possible energy.

The attention of most technology companies is now turning to developing smart home devices capable of connecting to the Internet and equipped with artificial intelligence to interact with the user, know his desires and anticipate his needs, with the aim of making his life easier.


When we hear the term encrypted digital currencies, Bitcoin always comes to our mind, and although this currency is the most widely spread, there are about 6000 other encrypted digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies have many advantages such as: decentralization; This is due to the lack of a central bank that minted these currencies, in addition to the ease of dealing; Where you can complete all your financial transactions, regardless of their size, without any restrictions or payment fees, and without the intervention of the bank, and using only your mobile phone.

All of these things make encrypted digital currencies well-deserved future currencies, but the fluctuation of the prices of these currencies very quickly and in large proportions, in addition to their association with illegal financial transactions, and the banning of several countries for them, is still one of the obstacles that stand in the way of the growth and development of these currencies, Which prompted most investors in these currencies to demand laws and legislation to regulate the cryptocurrency market to make it more reliable and reliable, and to take advantage of the many features it offers.

Cloud Computing

With the tremendous development that the Internet has witnessed over the past years, in terms of connection speed and delay time, a new concept has been born, which is “cloud computing”, which simply means taking advantage of the capabilities of another computer through the Internet connection only, and without the need to own a device with huge capabilities.

Although many current services rely on this type of technology, there is still a lot of room for growth in this area, and the most famous examples of this are cloud games, which electronic game companies have started to provide through services such as PlayStation Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia, all of these services enable you to play a wide range of games without the need to own a gaming device and only with an internet connection.

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In the coming years, it is expected that this field will flourish dramatically, especially in the field of electronic games, as the transition of major home game console manufacturers such as PlayStation and Microsoft to cloud services will relieve them of the trouble of manufacturing and maintaining devices, in addition to their ability to target a larger group of gamers in various platforms.

Self-driving cars

In 2012, the state of California allowed self-driving cars to be officially and legally on its streets, becoming the first US state to legalize this technology.

Contrary to what is expected, this technology has proven its efficiency practically on the ground, as most reports indicated that the accident rate in self-driving cars is much lower than in ordinary cars, and in theory, the percentage of accidents among self-driving cars is almost non-existent if these cars are linked with each other.

Despite the unique characteristics of self-driving cars, countries are still shy about granting them full powers, which in turn will delay their spread, but on the other hand, major technology companies such as Google and Apple, in addition to car companies such as Tesla Ford is fully aware of the importance of these future cars, and is developing them to achieve the greatest degree of safety.

3D printing

In fact, 3D printing technology is not completely modern technology, as there are companies that have used it for nearly 20 years to print their experimental models, but what is new in this technology is its development in a way that allowed non-specialist users to use it and print various things with it, as it became It is possible to get a 3D printer with very good capabilities at a price not exceeding $600.

3D printers are not only used to print technical designs or mechanical parts, but also to print residential homes and cars, as well as prosthetic limbs.

Scientists are looking forward to developing this technology to be able in the coming years to print various organs in the human body to save millions of lives annually.

Virtual Reality

Over the past years, the term “virtual reality” has become attached to electronic games; Because of the investment and development of most gaming companies in it, the scaling of virtual reality technology and its framing in the framework of electronic games only is considered a waste of a large part of this technology.

As virtual reality technology can be more useful not only in creating imagination, but in enriching and enhancing reality by connecting people to different places and people in an unprecedented way, through this technology you can attend a training session and interact with it, or even visit your friends in various around the world, and to undertake exploration and tourist tours of the most important monuments and monuments.

Of course, this technology will not replace the interaction with the real world, but it is an alternative, effective and flexible option that aims to make our lives more practical.

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