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Nothing will make you feel sharp, elegant and powerful like wearing a suit, however, to feel that way you need to follow a few rules and make sure that you’re not making the mistakes that a lot of guys out there make. In this article, we put together a list of ten common mistakes that many guys make when wearing a suit, and of course how to fix them so you can look and feel amazing.

1.  Wearing a smartwatch with their suits wearing.

wearing a smart-watch

An Apple watch with your suit is not a good idea, the Apple watch is just sporty, not elegant and it’s not timeless like a good suit should be.

There are some smartwatches out there that look like a regular watch and you might be able to get away with those but if you have a regular watch at home and you want to wear a suit put those two together and leave the smartwatch behind.

2. Not removing the Tag stitching

So many guys completely forget to remove those mostly because they’re scared they’re going to ruin their suit somehow, in fact, they’re meant to be removed and cut.

You can find the Tag stitching in a few different places like the jacket shoulder sometimes, or the pockets, or even in the fence in the back as well, all you have to do though is grab a pair of scissors and then snip them off.

3. Wearing too many accessories


Most of the time when you’re in a suit you’re going for a classy timeless look, not really the best outfit to wear six or seven rings and bracelets with it. So many guys wear a deep v-neck three necklaces and a bunch of rings with a suit, and it’s not the proper way of wearing a suit.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear accessories, and as a matter of fact, you should, but, keep it to a minimum maybe a watch, glasses, and if you really want to go edgy then just go with one or two rings maximum and that should do the trick.

4. Not getting their suits tailored

The most important thing when it comes to suits is how they fit, they need to fit perfectly, and the sleeves are extremely important for the trousers. And this will change the look of the suit completely so make sure that you’re getting them tailored properly, and if you want one step further and get a suit that will literally fit you perfectly from top to bottom, then you should look into getting a custom suit.

5. Match with a nice wallet

If you’re going to wear a suit then make sure that you’re bringing your nice wallet with you, holding out a Velcro wallet when you’re wearing a suit is one of the worst mistakes you can ever make, they just don’t go together.

What we would recommend is a nice leather wallet, ideally, you want something that’s a little bit thinner, that’s not going to be bulky inside your jacket pocket, or you can just put it in your back pocket and it’s not going to be a huge bulge in the back, which you definitely don’t want, you know you want something classy something that won’t embarrass you when you’re pulling out to pay for that dinner date, or when you’re pulling your ID out at the bar or the club wherever you want.

Cardholders are actually great with suits as well, they’re small and they fit into your pockets easily, and they carry everything without adding bulk to your fit.

6. Buttoning the last or the bottom button

man wearing suit

Three Bunn jackets are pretty common but in the last few decades suits have definitely trended towards having the just two-button jackets but regardless you should never button the bottom buttons of your suit.

Plus a little bonus if you’re standing you can button up your jacket nut not the bottom one of course but when you’re sitting what we would recommend is definitely unbutton everything so that you can sit and be comfortable and you’re not adding all of that pressure on the top button.

7. Not being versatile

man wearing suit outside

Thinking that you always have to wear a shirt and a tie with a suit, that’s not true at all, don’t think that you always have to button up all the way up top and then wear a tie, of course that is the classic look but if you want to experiment then go ahead experiment, whenever you can go for something like a nice t-shirt or even a nice turtleneck underneath, just try new things.

In our opinion turtlenecks are comfortable they’re cozy but they’re still elegant and dressy, so why not change it up a little bit an experiment, and if you want to wear just a t-shirt underneath you can but you have to make sure that you’re wearing something nice, you wouldn’t wear your old v-neck, try something thicker more luxurious to go with your nice suit.

8. Getting a trendy suit

What I mean by that is getting a suit that looks cool now, just because that style is trending, whether it’s a pink suit because it’s all over the red carpet or whatever reason why do you see your favorite celebrities wearing it Oscar this year, what we mean by that is getting a suit that looks cool now because you know it’s trending in the red carpet for the Oscars or something where you saw your favorite actor or celebrity wearing it in the red carpet, it could be like a pink suit, it could be suits with shorts which we’ve seen before, don’t do it! if you’re going to spend money on a suit get the classics first, black navy, blue-gray once you have those, sure you can experiment and have fun but we’d still go with something like ten Weir burgundy light, gray dark, gray, etc.

If you spend a lot of money on trendy suits then you’re probably going want to wear just once or twice and that’s really it’s not going to be cool again next year.

9. Matching the tie with your pocket square

There’s no need to do that it’s too matchy-matchy, you might want to pull colors here and there from each other, but, definitely stay away especially from patterns, because that’s when it becomes a little bit too much.

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