The unsuspected benefits of citrus fruits

what is the benefits of citrus fruits ?

Citrus fruits contain vitamins and mineral salts that are essential for the body. Yellow or green lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangerine… Whether in juice or plain, citrus fruits are our best allies to stay healthy! Beneficial for both the skin and the whole body, citrus fruits are excellent not only for health but also for beauty. Did you know that citrus fruits can be used in masks? But that’s not the only beauty tip about these delicious fruits. Here’s a little overview of the unsuspected benefits of citrus fruits.


You don’t need to learn anything; food helps maintain good health by nourishing cells and tissues. If we should particularly favour foods such as citrus fruits, it is because they contain a gold mine of nutrients necessary for our good health.

They are rich in vitamins

It is important to know that each vitamin has its own function in the body. In fact, if only one vitamin is missing, it will affect the proper functioning of the others. In addition, vitamin deficiency is bad for the body because it can lead to the development of several diseases. Citrus fruits contain a good dose of vitamins, especially vitamin C. Vitamin C fights against aging and helps strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C is a good ally in the fight against fatigue. Moreover, it promotes the healing of fractures and wounds.

It facilitates digestion

A good daily digestion is essential if you want to avoid bloating and transit problems. Fortunately, fibre contributes to perfect digestion. You can therefore avoid digestive problems by eating a diet that includes citrus fruits. For example, you can eat tangerine to relieve stomach pain due to poor digestion. There is also that some citrus fruits are very good detox foods. This is the case of lemon which has a good action on the liver and gall bladder. It thus promotes the elimination of toxins. A glass of lukewarm water in the morning in which you will have squeezed half a fresh lemon will guarantee you a luminous skin while giving you a boost!


Don’t they say that food is our first medicine? In any case, if we eat well and follow the guidelines of dieticians, it is certain that we will avoid a wide range of illnesses. Of course, eating citrus fruits helps to fight against many diseases. Here are some (excellent) reasons to eat citrus fruits regularly.

To fight cardiovascular diseases

Citrus fruits are among the preferred foods in diets for slimming. They are rich in minerals and nutrients. Citrus fruits actively participate in the fight against diseases. It is also established that citrus fruits help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Several scientists have worked on the subject. Results have shown that citrus fruits participate in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. This is possible thanks to the flavonoids and antioxidants they contain.

Citrus fruits lower cholesterol

A distinction is made between good and bad cholesterol. You can include citrus fruits that can lower bad cholesterol in your diet. In this case, consider citrus fruits that are high in fiber. These fibers will trap cholesterol during digestion. At the same time, they limit the penetration of cholesterol into the bloodstream. In addition, thanks to polyphenols (antioxidants), fiber will limit the oxidation of cholesterol and the formation of atheromatous plaques. These are in fact deposits of fats responsible for the narrowing of the arteries.

Citrus fruits to prevent cancer

Citrus fruits also lead a fierce fight against cancer. Citrus fruits are foods in which limonoids are found. They are powerful antioxidants that act against the proliferation of cancer cells. You can therefore use these foods to prevent cancer. For example, they prevent colon cancer and stomach cancer. So take advantage of citrus fruits to ensure good health every day, and consume them without moderation!


Orange, lemon, grapefruit… A whole range of citrus fruits to pamper your skin every day. You can take advantage of citrus beauty masks and tips to overcome skin imperfections. Provided of course that you know how to select your citrus fruits!

It was mentioned above that citrus fruits contain vitamin C. However, the main activity of this vitamin is to maintain the level of collagen. It also prevents wrinkles. You still have vitamin E which slows down the aging of cells. Citrus masks have been proven to be effective. For example, you can make a mask from lemon and honey to soften your skin and regulate excess sebum. On the other hand, make a mask with lemon juice, orange juice and powdered clay. Add a few drops of olive oil. This mask will improve the radiance of your complexion.

As a mask, a citrus fruit such as grapefruit can bring comfort to your skin because it contains interesting nutrients for good skin health. In a small bowl, mix the following ingredients: grapefruit juice, thick fresh cream and an egg white. You will take 1 tablespoon of grapefruit juice and crème fraîche. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous paste. Apply this mask for about ten minutes.

Some beauty tips with citrus fruits

Yes, skin and cells need nutrients to renew themselves and their functions. With a varied and balanced diet, all of these requirements are normally met. And citrus peelers also have their say in beauty! It is possible to make a scrub from orange peel. It should be mixed with a teaspoon of rose water. Perform a gentle massage with this preparation, and admire your smooth and luminous skin texture!

To fight against brittle nails, do not hesitate to soak them in a mixture of lemon and warm water. Use half a lemon. Leave to soak for 10 minutes.

Finally, last tip, hair loss can be combated with a citrus hair mask. Mix lemon juice with olive oil and leave on your hair for a good half hour before shampooing. The mask will deeply nourish and bring shine to your hair!

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