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The benefits of coconut oil on the health and beauty of hair and skin

Coconut oil is one of the most beneficial oils for health, but perhaps not many know that this fragrant oil has great benefits for the health and beauty of the skin, hair and skin as well. It improves and protects the skin barrier function, has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, fights signs of aging, and is safe, effective and inexpensive. Below we talk about some of the benefits of coconut oil for the health and beauty of skin and hair:

hair conditioner

Hair straighteners contain coconut oil, due to its ability to penetrate the hair and prevent protein loss. Therefore, beauticians advise applying the oil to the hair and then combing it and collecting it in a bun and leaving it until the morning, and then washing it with a gentle shampoo.

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Curly hair straightening

If you suffer from frizzy hair, put a little coconut oil on your fingertips and then pass it on the areas with curly hair to get soft and shiny hair. You can also use anti-wrinkle products containing this oil.

Add some shine to hair

You can add some light and shine to dark hair by adding a subtle touch of this oil to the ends of the hair. But don’t use too much oil as this will make your hair look greasy.

Reduce dandruff

This oil helps reduce dandruff symptoms by reducing the growth of yeasts that trigger dandruff symptoms such as itching and scaling. For this, warm a little of this oil on a low heat and then put it on the scalp for half an hour before washing it with shampoo.

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face wash

Where you can benefit from the antibacterial, fungal and moisturizing properties of the oil, by massaging the face with a little coconut oil as a first step before washing the face again with your favorite face wash.

face masks

You can try a mask made of turmeric, lemon juice, honey and coconut oil to get a great hydration for the face. Apply this mask for 15 minutes, relax and enjoy the wonderful benefits of this oil.

Eye make-up removal

Try putting a little coconut oil on a small cotton ball and wiping the area around your eyes. Coconut oil has the ability to break down waxy and inky makeup residue and leave the intended area hydrated as well.

Moisturizing eye cream

If you suffer from dryness in the area under the eyes, whether it is due to cold weather, dehydration or aging, you can apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the dry area to moisturize and protect the skin.

Clean and moisturize lips

Most lip care products contain coconut oil, but you can make your own by simply mixing coconut oil with brown sugar and honey for the perfect cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating formula. All you have to do is put a little of this mixture on a soft cloth and wipe your lips before bed.

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Get a fresh breath

Thanks to the bacteria-killing benefits of coconut oil, you can use it to get rid of disease-causing bacteria in your mouth. For this purpose, stir a little oil in your mouth for 10 to 20 minutes before breakfast, and then spit it out in the trash – not in the sink so as not to block the pipes – and then rinse your mouth with water.

Moisturizing dry hands

Coconut oil can do wonders for dry hands and the annoying itch that comes with it. You can put a bowl of this oil near the kitchen sink, and keep applying a little of it to your hands, for example, after you’ve done washing dishes.

legs shaved hair

Instead of paying for expensive shaving pastes to get rid of leg hair or underarm hair, you can use coconut oil for this purpose, and take advantage of its antibacterial benefits, fragrant scent, and skin-moisturizing properties.

cheap massage oil

If you use expensive massage oils, you should know that most of these oils use coconut oil in their ingredients, so you can make a smart move and go straight to the source and rely on this cheap oil while taking advantage of its moisturizing benefits for the skin as well.

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Psoriasis relief

Coconut oil is considered a natural and safe medicine for relieving symptoms of psoriasis, such as itching, redness of the skin and scaling. Add two tablespoons of it to the hot tub, to enjoy relaxation and get rid of the annoying symptoms of psoriasis.

Getting rid of eczema symptoms

If you suffer from eczema, a group of inflammatory skin diseases characterized by the appearance of swollen, red and itchy patches on the skin, you can take advantage of the benefits of coconut oil to relieve these symptoms by applying it twice daily to the affected area.

Finally, we can sum up to say that coconut oil has various benefits on skin health, hair and skin beauty, in addition to its fragrant smell and cheap price. And all of this should raise the desire and enthusiasm to try this oil and benefit from its great benefits, and you can be creative in finding other uses for it as well, as it is in the end a safe and effective preparation.

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