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The 5 makeup trends that we will see everywhere in 2021

To start the year 2021 in style, let’s list together of the 5 major makeup trends that will punctuate the coming months of the beauty world. The make-up of eyes, lips, complexion, and even manicures, zooms on the next fashions to come.

1. The glossy mouth

Wearing a mask may well follow us for several more months throughout this year 2021. Suffice to say that the make-up of the lips is largely neglected in favor of the beauty of our eyes. However, there is no question of leaving our mouths completely naked. We dress it with a gloss that we choose, depending on the makeup of our eyes, transparent or colored. In addition to bringing a perfect final touch to our beauty look, it highlights our lips (when we remove our mask) by bringing them relief and more volume.

2. Cat eyes

You will understand, this year, we will bet everything on our eyes. And what better than the cat eyes to emphasize our eyes. This makeup technique consists, as its name suggests, in drawing beautiful cat eyes, almond-shaped. For this, you just have to stretch your eyes with eyeliner. And whether you are an eyeliner expert or a beginner in this art, we recommend the Benefit Roller Liner. Its felt tip – neither too soft nor too stiff – is ideal for drawing a perfect line easily and quickly.

3. Pastel eyelids

Do you want to bring a little color to your make-up? So this is the perfect opportunity to embrace the pastel makeup trend. And if sky blue is the shade that promises to be the most trendy of 2021, all pastel shades can highlight our eyes, from lilac to pink, including apricot or even apple. Pastel eyeshadow dresses all of our eyelids, or can, in a more discreet way, simply apply to the inner corner of the eyes. Play with your eyeshadows and don’t be afraid of originality … all combinations are possible!


4. The natural complexion

Once again, the compulsory wearing of a mask is shaking up our habits. This piece of cloth plastered over our face hides half of the face. As a bonus, it exposes the skin to both hot and humid air. Suffice to say that it is not easy to make up your complexion. So let’s opt for something discreet and natural. But that’s not all! You must also choose a quality foundation that will hold even under a mask. From our side, we recommend the Faux Filter by Huda Beauty with a waterproof formula, good coverage, and a natural finish. Tested and approved, it stays on all day long, for a flawless complexion from morning to night!

5. Smiley nails

This is a trend we weren’t expecting. And yet, the smiley manicure has been announced as the manicure trend that will mark 2021. Far from the traditional and sober shades that are in vogue today – like black, nude, or red – this year, our nails will be entitled to their touch of originality by adorning themselves with little men that we are used to seeing on our mobile phone screens. Slightly childish nail art that will bring a touch of pep to any look.

Recently and last make up that appeared is Skin cloud 

Skin cloud: this bluffing trend creates perfect skin and an instant glow complexion … it’s the luminous makeup of the moment

The Skin cloud makeup trend was born out of the pandemic! Forget about the excessively lit complexion with a highlighter! The face is adorned with an angelic glow which deposits on the face the tender kiss of a cloud.

While Glass skin (Exit the dull complexion and dull skin. The trend is for a glowy, fresh, and flawless finish. The key to a successful Glass Skin is hydration because the skin must be soft and smooth before applying the make-up. To do this, consider using a serum and a moisturizer to plump the skin: it will have a more plump and fresh appearance, ideal for achieving a Glass skin effect) has dominated beauty treatments for some time especially in 2020, it’s time for a new makeup trend: the Skin cloud. This makeup, which could be translated as “cloud skin”, gives the complexion a vaporous, fluffy, and airy appearance. The result is quite dreamlike. The face is adorned with a “hazy, fuzzy glow as if lit from within. Think of the sun shining through a cloud, ”explains the makeup artist. The Skin cloud is a fabulous combination of wet, mattified but also fresh results.

In this period when the cruel lack of escape is felt, the Skin cloud is timely to make us dream and take us to other horizons (virtual world). Collective meetings via zoom, videoconference calls, distancing… The skin cloud-born from the pandemic and new practices: “People need more dimension because of the virtual world in which we live.

 Wearing a mask but also multiple confinements have changed our approach to beauty. The era is carried by an impulse placed under the sign of the natural. Hidden by the mask, the makeup of the mouth is neglected, while the eyes are accentuated with lots of mascara, eyeliner, or eyebrow products.

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