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Sperm health after the forties: 7 ways to strengthen them

Some methods help to promote sperm health in men, mainly with age, where a healthy lifestyle must be followed to maintain sexual health for many years.
As men and women get older, fertility levels decrease, so the likelihood of pregnancy and childbearing diminishes.

As aging affects the movement of sperm and causes a decrease in their production rate and slow movement.


But with some advice and guidance, a man can maintain the health, activity, and quality of his sperm, which increases fertility and the chances of pregnancy.

1- Exercise regularly

 Exercising not only improves physical fitness, but it also raises testosterone levels.

This contributes to maintaining the quality of semen.

Also, exercise guarantees weight preservation, which is necessary for sexual health.

However, lots of exercises should be avoided, as it may have the opposite effect and may lower your testosterone levels.

2- Get vitamin C.

Oxidative stress occurs when levels of reactive oxygen species reach levels harmful to the body.

The possibility of oxidative stress increases with age, which affects the health and quality of sperm, and may also cause infertility in men.

Thus, eating sufficient quantities of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, may help to counter some of these harmful effects, and vitamin C contributes to improving the quality of semen.

For vitamin C, it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits rich in this vitamin, such as citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, berries and some vegetables such as red pepper.

Nuts, especially nuts, are among the most important fertility antioxidants.

3- Relax and avoid stress

Stress has negative effects on sexual health and leads to poor fertility, due to the high levels of the hormone cortisol in the body.

High levels of cortisol in the body lead to strong negative effects on testosterone levels, as this hormone decreases and the number and quality of sperms decrease.

To relieve stress, relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, and meditation are recommended.

4- Get vitamin D.

Vitamin D is one of the most vitamins that helps increase testosterone levels in a natural way.

High levels of vitamin D are better linked to sperm motility.

To get a large percentage of vitamin D, it is recommended to sit in the morning sunlight for 15 minutes a day.

Some foods also provide the body with vitamin D such as salmon, sardines, tuna, shellfish, shrimp, egg yolks, and mushrooms.

5- Get the body’s need for zinc

Decreased zinc in the body is linked to a lack of testosterone and poor sperm quality, which increases the possibility of infertility.

Zinc is found in meat, fish, eggs, and shellfish.

In some cases, a man may need to take zinc supplements if their levels are low, but they should only be obtained after consulting a doctor.

6- Eat the roots of maca

The roots of maca are known to help improve sexual ability and enhance fertility.

Also, eating a daily mocha root powder increases the quality, number, and movement of sperm.

But it is advised to speak with your doctor about taking this herb and the appropriate amount so as not to cause negative effects on health.

7- Avoid some foods

There are some foods that affect sperm health negatively, and therefore should not be eaten as much as possible, especially with age. They include:

Processed meats: Processed meats have negative effects on health in general, and on fertility and sperm in particular.

Unsaturated fats: Increased intake of unsaturated fats is also associated with a decrease in sperm count and quality.

Soy products: Soy products contain estrogen-like compounds, and these compounds reduce the concentration of sperm.

High-fat dairy products: High-fat dairy products, such as whole milk and cheese, cause reduced sperm motility and abnormal sperm shape.

We emphasize the need to consult a specialist doctor to prevent any health problem that may conflict or exacerbate some of the pathological problems that exist in some people.

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