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Men’s Facial Hair (2020) Best Styles, Thing You Should Know.

Twenty years ago, beards were mainly seen on uncles, fathers. They were more of a sign of negligence and neglect. Nowadays, however, it’s hard not to like one of the millions of beard photos tagged with #beard when scrolling through Instagram.

Beard becomes a part of men’s fashion and style, but, many men tend to make different beard shapes as a kind of change, without regard to the shape of the face and whether it fits with them or not.

Leaving or determining a beard style is one of the most important issues for men’s appearance. In order for men to find a suitable beard style, they need to know the beard’s structure and facial features well.

Which hairstyle suits me? Fortunately, there are a few signposts in search of the right haircut!

Different Types Of Face Shapes

The beard style for the shape of your face

Elongated face shape:

Characteristics: The features of an elongated face are a high forehead, sparse cheekbones, and a relatively narrow chin. A side effect: The nose quickly looks a little wider here.

Common mistakes: An absolute no-go with an elongated face is a long haircut with a center parting because then the face looks even narrower than it actually is. Avoid extremely short hair like a buzz cut.

The best hairstyles: If you want to counteract the elongated face shape a little, you should choose a style that makes the face appear shorter and therefore wider. That means: Dare to run ponies and everything that is cut in stages and a little wilder. It is perfect if your hair is wavy or curly, then it also has a softening effect. In this case, it is best to have your hairdresser miss a Heartthrob Bob. If you are blessed with thick hair, you should dare a bro flow – just think Bradley Cooper in “A Star is born” (please the neat variant) and you have a perfect bro Flow. The ideal combination: a three-day beard, because this gives your face additional contour.

Oval face shape:

Features: Men with oval facial features have it easy in this regard – they pretty much like any hairstyle. The relations are symmetrical and the face is half as wide as long. Still, with the right hairstyle, you can bring out your face shape even better.

Common mistakes: If the hair protrudes too far into the forehead, it makes the face appear rounded. That is not very advantageous. You should also keep your hands off a long and thick beard because it only hides the striking face.

The best hairstyles: the classic is a haircut that is shorter on the sides and longer at the top – you can’t go wrong there. However, if your forehead is slightly higher, then it is better to skillfully balance it out with a light bangs. Men with a swirl at the hairline or a slightly lower forehead should on the other hand style their hair up.

Oval face shape and thick hair:

If you want to wear your hair short, an undercut with a long top hair is ideal here.

Oval face shape and thin hair:

A short hairstyle with a little more freedom on the upper hair – that’s what you need in this case. Here is a pompadour, a crew cut, or a high and tight. Soft, flowing gradations to the side section are important here.

Another option is a buzz cut. The military recruits’ hairstyle was again one of the catwalk favorites this year. The hair is radically shaved to a few millimeters. The scalp also shimmers somewhat through the short stubble.

Round face shape:

Features: The round face shape is said to be when the face is as wide as it is long. As a result, there are almost no striking facial features and no concise chin for masculine contours.

Common mistakes: hairstyles that add volume to the sides, curly or wavy hair should be avoided, as this makes the head look even rounder. Also, sideburns enhance this effect.

The best hairstyles: best high up! The hairstyle has to give the face more length. Therefore, with rounded face shape, it is best to opt for a short hairstyle with a slightly longer top hair ( for example, the pompadour ). Even chin-length hair immediately makes the face appear narrower and visually stretches. Our tip: Please don’t style your hair too accurately, but rather put it on a wild fuzzy look à la “I woke up like this” – without gel, but with matt pomade.

With the round face, even a beard is not out of place. It’s a great way to get a little more structure on your face. However, it is essential to pay attention to clear contours and corners in order to define a narrower face shape.

Heart-shaped face shape:

Characteristics: A heart-shaped face is characterized above all by a very broad forehead, high cheekbones, and a delicate chin.

Common mistakes: Too much hair combed backward highlights the striking areas of this face shape even more. The same applies to a super short haircut or to voluminous top hair.

The best hairstyles: to make the chin appear wider, a chin-length hairstyle can be the solution, as this will cause the hair to fall into the face and thus “shrink” the forehead. If you want to go for medium-length hair, you can go with bangs or a soft look, like the Heartthrob Bob. But a short hairstyle, like a pompadour, also looks good.

Angular face shape:

Characteristics: As a rule, angular or square facial contours appear very strict and exude a good dose of dominance. The forehead is wide, the lower jaw is very distinctive and the cheekbones are rather sparse. Therefore, the sides of the face run in an almost straight line from top to bottom.

Common mistakes: It is important to ensure that the corners of the face are not emphasized with a super-short hairstyle. Also, a strong full beard should not be worn, as this makes the face look contourless.

The best hairstyles: With the angular face shape, a hairstyle is recommended in which the sides are rather long and the top hair falls slightly over the forehead. If you prefer not to let your hair hang on your face, you can easily comb it back. A short and well-trimmed three-day beard loosens up the hard contours somewhat.

Basically, this style is similar to an undercut or a side cut, but the hair on the side is slightly longer and there is only a slight transition from the upper hair.

Trapezoidal face:

Characteristics: Typical of the trapezoidal or triangular face shape is a very pronounced jaw in contrast to a narrowed forehead and eye area. The cheekbones are set high and well developed, while the face is narrowest at the temples. The triangular face is the exact counterpart to the heart-shaped.

Common mistakes: A buzz cut is completely out of place here, because it emphasizes the narrow facets even more instead of concealing them. A center parting is also not optimal.

The best hairstyles: A little longer, thick hair with full sides is a perfect style for the trapezoidal face, at best in combination with a side parting. The perfect choice: an asymmetrical hairstyle. If you want to use shorter hair, you should choose a style in which the short hair falls loosely in the forehead. A beard base can also look good but is not a must.

  1. How you style your beard

Never forget the basic law when it comes to whiskers: no matter what beard you wear, if you don’t care, it will go to neglect and with increasing length, styling will become more and more difficult. So trim your beard regularly, take care of your skin and yes, get the advice of a barber.

  • Trim

Always be aware, no beard is the same, the beard grows differently for all of us. Your beard may scratch and itch at the beginning. And if you want to let it grow, always make sure you trim it regularly. So you give him a good look and with a little patience a well-groomed, long beard. So hold on. Worth it!

  • Wash

Remember, your whiskers have a different structure than your scalp hair. And your skin on your face is just as different from your scalp. You would never think of washing your face with shampoo – so why should you do that with your beard? You need to keep it clean and well-groomed and every now and then you should also use a scrub to avoid skin irritation.

Try the Get Groomed Purifying Beard Scrub. It washes, cleans, and cares for your beard in one.

  • Maintain

The next thing you should do is pamper your beard with some care so that it doesn’t dry out. The Softer Touch Beard Oil ensures intensive care and leaves no residue as dry oil. Rub a few drops of the oil in your hands and then massage it from bottom to top into the beard. Finally, to end the routine, comb through your beard.

  • Tame

As a last step, the beard should finally be tamed. It’s easy with our Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm. For good care and control at the same time, apply the balm in the morning on a damp or dry beard. The rich formula ensures that even the wildest beard can be tamed.

III. What type of beard do women like best?

The beard that women like best, according to a study by psychologists Barnaby Dixon and Bob Brooks published in Evolution & Human Behavior, is the two-week beard, that is, an informal style that marks attractive.

  1. What personality indicates the type of beard?

The beard type can show many personality traits, depending on the cut, the care, the appearance, and the style, a beard can tell us if the man who wears it is classic, modern, responsible, methodical, careful, etc.

Let’s see next, what are the personality typologies associated with each beard style.

  • Total shave: men without beards, well shaved and without beauty on their faces, denote being responsible, respectful, and formal people.
  • Sideburns: Men who resort to leaving wide and long sideburns tend to be classics who deny fashion, nostalgic for the retro and informal.
  • Three-day beard: When a man lets facial hair grow for a few days, he transmits controlled ease, comfort, and flirting. They are vain men.
  • Mustache: it is a complement that transmits vintage masculinity. For confident, elegant, and simple men.
  • Beard in padlock or knob: transmits distrust, insecurity. The man who wears it doesn’t mind raising those kinds of feelings. It is bold, arrogant, and interesting.
  • Medium beard: it is an icon of maturity and manhood. For serious and self-confident men.
  • Long Beard: Styles for perfectionist, thoughtful, and a little stiff men.
  • Peculiar beard: we include here the cuts with a certain degree of eccentricity, the same as those who wear them. For men who are looking to give a hit.
  • Scruffy Beards: Better to get away from men with sloppy styles, they indicate immaturity, insecurity, and betrayal.
  • Mutton Chops-type beards, beautiful from the sideburns to the mustache: it is usually an unusual beard. They say that the men who choose this cut are the best lovers.
  • Beard to the sideburns and no mustache (wolf cub type): for brave, distant men, although very tender when they know each other thoroughly. Loyal men and good friends of his friends.
  • Goat’s beard: for young and adventurous men, free and self-taught.

As you have seen there are styles for all kinds of personalities and adapted to the physiognomy of any face.

There is no excuse for not trying how it influences you to leave hair on your face


  • Choose your own beard style
  • Gain attractiveness, mark your personality and bet on your masculinity

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