3 Tips to How to Travel for Free

You want to travel but you don’t have money? The simple truth is you can find amazing travel opportunities for free. In this article, I’m going to share with you 3 best tips that you can apply right away.

If asked most of the people what is preventing them from traveling most of the answers will be I don’t have money.

So, how to travel for free?  Don’t worry this article should answer that,

Tip number one is my personal favorite because it can get 100% free and it comes down to applying to attend conferences and submits one of my favorite websites is, let me explain to you how it works so go to your internet browser and type for you can choose Arabic or English.

I’ll sign up using my Facebook account

you can see the different specialties that are available and types, you’ll find hundreds of opportunities, and if you don’t have a degree, well it’s still possible to find something for you there.

Another website

Marji3 is for Arab countries so if you live in an Arab country this website is for you.

In this website, you will find more opportunities, but you need to use these filters non-degree opportunities you will more than 3000 opportunities and select fully funded so that you don’t have to pay anything, open the ones that interests you in new tabs then you can check the location if it’s fully funded, eligible countries, and the requirements.

Now if the opportunity suits you at the end of the page you will find how to apply, click on it and it will take you to the application form.

Take your time and don’t lose hope there must be something for you in those thousand applications, and it’s really worth it, so be patient and keep checking.

 When it comes to the selection process there are things that will certainly help you.

1. Are you an active member of the Society?

Meaning are you locally engaged and volunteers in NGOs, if not you should consider doing that not just for the opportunities but honestly it’s a great thing because it can teach you so much and it can lead to some life-changing experiences.

2. What skills do you have?

Leadership, social media, communicating, working in a group, problem-solving. These are skills you absolutely need to have and if you don’t, or you’re not really good. These skills you should probably start improving them.

3. Take your time filling those applications

Trust me what you write really matters, and you have to truly believe that you are good enough and you deserve to be selected, so if you’re not good enough, work on it and be the best.

Tip number two on how you can travel

If you don’t get accepted on any of those fully funded opportunities tip number 2 is Aiesec. Aiesec is an NGO where you can travel almost anywhere in the world, volunteer let’s say teach or other things, there are so many things you can do like I said almost any country in the world and you can travel for six weeks and only pay for your visa and your flight ticket.

Go to your browser and type Aiesec,

Select global volunteer

 Click on review more opportunities and go ahead select the country, for example, Italy keeps in mind that an official invitation will be provided, so don’t worry about the visa.

You can see the different options available open them and see which dates are good for you, add more filters, food, and accommodation provided.

On the right side, you will find positions available, how many people are needed and the dates, and on the left, you will find activities that will be done, skills needed …etc.

After you check different options and find the one that suits you, you will be interviewed on skype by AIESEC members of the city you are going to, nothing complicated just simple questions.

Once you find the right one for you click on login to apply and fill the information, you will then be contacted by a member of AIESEC of your country to guide you through the process, if you still have questions go to Facebook and search for AIESEC in your country, and ask for help, you can also scroll on their page they also organize open days in different universities to answer questions, so make sure to meet there.

Tip number three is you can be a content creator travel bloggers where you can be sponsored and you can get paid to travel, but before it can happen, it can take two to three to four years of hard work, of constant creation, of dedication and so much patience.

So my guess is if you’re reading this article then you want the easy way, the fastest way which is the 2 tips before but this is an extra tip if you want to be a travel blogger, it has so many benefits and so much so much hard work.

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