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How to enjoy life? 10 tips

There are many moments when the grass next door looks blue. Especially when I look on social media, I often feel that the lives of people around me shine.

Some people may ask the following question

Life is boring, isn’t there something like magic that makes life more enjoyable!?

However, it is. After all, if you look around, other people’s lives look envious.

Whether you’re having a dinner date at a well-known hotel, having a good parenting with your partner, or traveling around, it just looks nice.

In comparison, we feel that our life has faded.

We understand the feeling. That’s why this time we will explain “how to enjoy life”.

We hope that your outlook on life will change before and after reading this article.


It’s a waste to decide that you can’t enjoy life.

First of all, “Why is it important to enjoy life?” we are going to talk about it.

But, without thinking deeply here, if you are born anyway, you have to enjoy life! It’s better to have fun than not to enjoy it.

And when you’re enjoying life, you can have fun one after another. The feeling becomes bright, and love and work go well. Life goes forward.

Of course, even if you feel that you can’t enjoy life, it’s OK.

But that doesn’t mean, it’s a waste to assume that “I can enjoy life.”

Imagine someone close to you who is enjoying life.

they are not people who are always surrounded by fun”. Rather, they are “people who thinks that tomorrow will be fun even if he has a hard time.” It’s strong to notice here.

10 Tips for Enjoying Life

In the following, we will introduce 10 recommended ways to enjoy life.

If there is anything that comes with a pin, please try to take it in by all means.

1- Think that “it does not have to be 100 points”

First of all, let’s keep this idea in mind.

We just think of “a fun life” with 100 points like in a video game,   

But, we are sure there is no such thing as a 100-point life.

If you enjoy it to some extent, the day will be cleared. The best day.

Let’s live with that kind of mind.

2- Pretend to be fun

Start by imitating.

Certainly, it may be a high hurdle to live a happy life suddenly. But you should be able to pretend to be fun. It just imitates the shape.

And fun things come to people who are having fun.

For that reason, why don’t you try to smile first? If you do that, you’ll surely be drawn to something fun.

3- Make your habit of speaking a positive word

Changing your habit is also a powerful magic.

It’s a phrase I’ve tried many times in my life. There is no reason that does not affect you or your partner.

For example, when asked “How about these days?”, It is recommended to answer “Great!”.

A positive habit of speaking can make you think positively about life.

4- Remind yourself of what you already have

See what’s in your pocket right now.

Of course, this is a metaphor. However, there are places where we don’t realize “fun things that we already have at hand”. Skills, hobbies, and familiar relationships, etc…

From the perspective of others, you may already be living a happy life.

5- Ask people around you, “What can I do to enjoy it?” Ask them questions.

I’m asking you a question.

In most cases, you will be offered suggestions that the person finds fun.

The point here is to try without denying it anyway. At least it’s true that the other person felt fun.

There will be some new discoveries.

6- Challenge without fear of failure

The experience of fun can also be gained in exchange for action.

When you go on a trip, you will know the size of the world, the comfort of moving your body when you go to a yoga class, and when you register with a matching app, you will know the fun of encounters.

You may be hurt by failure, or you may become depressed because you can’t enjoy it. But still you shouldn’t stop rolling the dice.

So, just keep going. We are sure you’ll be fine.


7- Be interested in others

It’s very important.

First of all, turn the antenna to others. In other words, be interested.

We tend to think only about ourselves. But life, the world, is based on relationships with others.

In that connection, you may be able to discover the fun that you did not notice by yourself. That is why it is strong if you can look at others.

8- Make others laugh

Have a mindset that will entertain others. Then life will be fun at once.

Entertaining people is the most fun thing in the world. Even at cultural festivals when you were a student, many people said that it was more fun to be on the side of entertaining than to be on the audience side. It’s the same thing.

Try to have a conversation that makes the other person laugh. Then, there must be something that will be returned as your own enjoyment, too.

9- Don’t look only at other people’s lives

This is also an important point.

All that matters is that you enjoy life. Without fear of misunderstanding, it doesn’t matter if people are enjoying life.

For that purpose, don’t look only at other people’s lives and complexions.

Specifically, make time without touching your smartphone even for 30 minutes a day. The only thing behind the smartphone is the life of others.

10- I wanted to do something I wanted to do, but I’d do something I wasn’t doing.

It is super important.

The fun of life is hidden in “things you’ve wanted to do before, but you didn’t.”

You couldn’t take on challenges in because of your daily busy life. You have some thoughts, don’t you think?

Now may be the time. Why don’t you give it a try?

Life is not the past or the future, but the present.

Finally, a very important thing to keep in mind,

It is that the identity of life is in the present.

We immediately think about “time that is not the present” in the way that “the past was fun” and “we want to enjoy it in the future”.

But the past and the future are just concepts. Such a thing does not exist. It’s only in your head.

If so, don’t you feel a little wasted that you can’t enjoy the present in the past or the future?

The important thing is the present. We should move to enjoy the now. we hope you can remember this somewhere.

we pray that happiness will come down to you.

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