Five things married men keep secret from their wives

Are there things that men don’t tell their wives, even after marriage?

Marriage is the transition from lovers to family. Even though they are not related by blood, a husband and wife are bound by a strong bond.

However, even married couples have a secret or two. In this issue, we will tell you what married men keep secret from their wives, based on interviews with those around them. Even if you are not married yet, please take a peek at the “truth of marital relations”.

Case 1: I’ve had an affair

This is probably the most shocking secret for a wife. The level of secrecy varies from something as light as “I went out for a drink” to something as serious as “I went on an overnight trip.

However, many men feel remorse and intend to keep the secret so as not to cause their wives any grief. It’s important to keep secrets that don’t hurt the other person, but cheating on your wife is not a good idea.

Case 2: I went to a restaurant with a woman.

Sometimes you may not have a choice but to go to a restaurant with a woman because of his work.

Although there is nothing wrong with it, most men keep it a secret to avoid making their wives jealous or sad.

Case 3: I have a navel.

Many husbands have a certain amount of money saved up in a savings account that their wives don’t know about, but it can take many forms, such as declaring a low bonus or annual income, hiding the fact that they have a second job or investment income, or having saving account that their wives don’t know about.

Many husbands have a certain amount of money saved up in case something happens to them or their family (and also for their hobbies ……).

Case 4: I bought something expensive without telling my wife.

Some men secretly buy expensive items such as golf clubs, cars, and fishing gear. They hide these items in their rooms or give false reasons such as “it was cheap on sale” to avoid their wives’ attention.

They seem to keep it a secret because they feel that if they tell their wives how much they spent, they might get angry.

Case 5: I’m in debt

This is a bit of a troubling pattern. This is a case where a man does not tell his wife that he has debts from investments or gambling.

Many people keep it a secret because they don’t want to make their wives feel uneasy, but I would like them to be honest about it because it will change their future plans.

What husbands keep secret from their wives is “money” and “women”

We picked out five things that married men keep secret from their wives.

All five were related to either money or women, or both.

Even if you are a married couple, it is not easy to tell your wife about these things. It also seems that many people keep these things a secret because telling them could cause a rift in the relationship.

However, if these things are left unattended, they can become a big problem. It is better to have a marriage where you can talk about everything with each other.

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