Fitness and its Importance

What are fitness and its importance?

A fitness term may be related for most of people to lifting weights, running for long distances, swimming or other types of sports, and this is true as fitness refers to exercising any type of sports that can help the body to build muscle masses or maintain health, the vital muscles, and organs that keep the body in good condition.

The Definition of fitness

Fitness in general means that a person has a healthy and athletic body that can perform various types of sports without experiencing muscle or respiratory problems, but it is not necessarily necessary for the physically fit body to lift heavy weights or run for very long distances, where one can be considered Fit for obesity by measuring his ability to perform the exercises in which he specializes.

Therefore the judgment on one’s fitness varies according to the different measures followed.

 Types of Fitness Exercises

The types of exercises that an athlete needs in order to be fit and obese differ in the type of exercise practiced by him, as the soccer player needs exercises in order to increase his endurance for continuous running and for long periods of time, and he also needs exercises that increase the strength of his leg muscles, as well as other types of sports every athlete needs a different type of fitness exercise to match his needs.

Fitness can be divided into five basic elements, which are the fitness of the respiratory system and the heart, where the body needs organs that can provide it with sufficient energy while doing various types of exercises, and muscle strength because most types of exercises need strong muscles in order to lift weights, push, hit, or pull, And the ability to endure the strength is not enough to complete the exercises since there is no benefit to the power in the event that it is not able to use it for only a short period.

Therefore, the ability of the muscles to endure the exercises and carry on until the end is one of the most important elements of physical exercises, for the formation of the body there are standards for every athlete to commit to, in order to obtain a decent body and these criteria are proportional to the mass of the muscles with the amount of water, fat, and bones in the body, and finally, flexibility, the importance of flexibility lies in the ability of those who possess them to perform all sports movements easily and without any injury, usually, softness is not concentrated in the joints of the body, is the primary key to the movement of the body.

The importance of physical exercising

There is no doubt that physical exercising is important in the life of every human being, as a decent person has an ideal weight and can easily maintain it, and he/she also avoids himself from many diseases and health problems only by exercising regularly, and As for the psychological aspect, physical exercising can boost one’s self-confidence and reduce the chance of being subjected to stress, stress or depression.

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