Essential oil helps fight mental fatigue!

Are you wondering how to improve your ability to concentrate naturally? Thanks to aromatherapy, it is possible to boost your memory and attention. We explain which essential oils to use and how.

Lack of sleep, temporary or chronic fatigue due to hectic pace of life, long journeys by car, working hours or extended courses … Our ability to concentrate is put to the test every day. After long days, it is sometimes difficult to have a clear idea. However, you do need to stay attentive, whether it is for a sports event, an exam or a job interview. Fortunately, boosting your concentration naturally is possible thanks to organic essential oils. Find out which ones to favor.

Which essential oils to better concentrate?

You can thus use certain essential oils to stimulate memory or other organic essential oils for intellectual concentration.


 Lavender essential oil has many properties. It is antiseptic, skin regenerating, but also relaxing and soothing.


The properties of rosemary essential oil to promote alertness, concentration and memory have long been known. You can place rosemary essential oil on your wrists or on a tissue before breathing. Finally, it is quite possible to distribute it, in the space where you work for example.


The stimulating effect of green cypress is well known. It is particularly recommended in case of scattering. The essential oil of green cypress can be inhaled directly in the bottle for a few seconds or be used by the cutaneous route, diluted in a vegetable oil.


 Need to refocus your mind and boost your energy? Nothing like the essential oil of peppermint in case of fatigue, which is hypertensive. Its neurotonic action thus improves vigilance and concentration. LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL Lemon essential oil is particularly known to improve concentration, in addition to warding off stress. Indeed, organic lemon essential oil boosts all so-called cognitive functions which will stimulate memory and attention.


Manuka is a variety of Australian tea tree. Balancing on the nervous level, manuka essential oil facilitates concentration and above all a better clarity of mind. Very pleasant to diffuse, manuka essential oil is particularly recommended for this use.


On a mental level, eucalyptus phellandra essential oil is known to promote intellectual concentration.


It can be used in case of fatigue. At the psychic level, it helps to concentrate and regulates the nervous system.

And for the children?

Some essential oils are milder and therefore more suitable for the more sensitive bodies of children. Find out which essential oils to prefer to promote concentration in your children:

-White sandalwood essential oil is soothing, relaxing and relieves stress. (from 3 years old)

-Fine Lavender essential oil is soothing, stress-relieving and makes it easier to concentrate. (from 3 years old)

-Rosemary Cineole essential oil helps fight mental fatigue, revitalizes and helps regain concentration. (from 6 years old)

-Frankincense essential oil relieves anxiety and intellectual fatigue and allows you to refocus. (from 6 years old)

-Marjoram essential oil regulates the nervous system and helps restore concentration and calm down. (from 6 years old)

-Peppermint essential oil is a psychic tonic that relieves fatigue and allows you to refocus. (from 7 years old)

Be careful, the ages indicated correspond to the most harmless uses of the essential oil concerned! Before each use, remember to familiarize yourself with the specifics of the essential oil that you want to use for your children because, depending on the desired uses (diffusion, skin application or internal intake), it may be authorized for different ages.

And you should always read the notice on the packge.

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