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Drinks to facilitate natural childbirth: a list of the most important

In the following article, we are going to review a list of the most important drinks to facilitate natural childbirth and all the information you need to know about these drinks, whether or not safe.

If you’re trying to find a list of the most important drinks to facilitate natural childbirth, this list will provide you with the most important traditional recipes and the most important information about their true effectiveness according to the studies:

1- Red Berry Leaves Tea

One of the most well-known drinks to facilitate natural childbirth is raspberry leaf tea (raspberry), a traditional recipe that has been used for centuries.

However, despite the widespread belief that this is a foolproof and scientifically supported recipe, few studies have been conducted regarding the effectiveness of red berry leaf tea in this field and found that there is no great effect of this tea in facilitating and stimulating childbirth, but at the same time, this type of beverage does not Negative effect on the pregnant woman or her fetus.

2- Natural pineapple juice

The fruits of fresh pineapple in its core contain a special enzyme called bromelain that has many potential effects on the body, including the dismantling of some of the tissues surrounding the fetus and thus stimulating and facilitating childbirth.

Although this type of beverage does not have sufficient scientific evidence regarding its effectiveness in facilitating normal childbirth, at the same time it will not harm the pregnant woman if it is consumed in moderation, so there is no harm in eating it.

3- Castor oil

Castor oil is one of the well-known and popular natural birth facilitation drinks, as it stimulates and helps to give birth.

These studies have shown that a large percentage of women who took castor oil with them began to labor at some point during the 24 hours after drinking castor.

But before resorting to castor oil, you should consult your doctor. Castor oil may have very troublesome complications.

4- Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is one of the oils that is highly recommended as one of the drinks to facilitate natural childbirth, and studies have not yet decided on its efficacy, whether it is safe or not.

One study showed that this oil helped to accelerate labor onset and increase cervical readiness for normal delivery.

While other studies have shown that this oil had no negligible effects on childbirth, only a few studies have shown that this oil has negative effects on pregnancy.

And the evening primrose oil is used here either by taking it in the form of capsules or by massaging the vaginal and cervical area with oil directly in the last week before birth.

5- Sage plant

Sage is one of the plants that can be used only after the gestational age exceeds 37 weeks, as it helps to stimulate and facilitate labor.

Sage helps stimulate the production of the hormone oxytocin in the body of a pregnant woman, which helps increase the cervix’s willingness to give birth and speed up labor, but care must be taken of the amount used. Sage may cause miscarriage.

Also, sage oil facilitates childbirth when inhaled in small quantities during childbirth, it has an effect that helps to relax and calm the nerves.

6- Cumin drink

Cumin is considered one of the most effective drinks in stimulating and facilitating natural childbirth, so there is no harm in using it, but of course, it is preferred to consult a doctor first.

7- Cinnamon drink

Cinnamon has many wonderful benefits, and it is one of the most important drinks that facilitate and stimulate natural childbirth, but because cinnamon usually has a very strong effect, it is best to consult a doctor first.

8- Black and blue cohosh

Although black and blue cohosh is among the commonly used plants to stimulate childbirth, you should beware of this particular herb, as it may be harmful to women and fetuses, so it is best to avoid them completely.

We emphasize the need to consult a specialist in case you have any allergic or caused side effects, that may conflict or exacerbate some of the pathological problems that exist in some people.

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