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If the multiple fittings of frames frighten you in stores or it is difficult for you to make the trip, it is also possible to find the rare pearl on the Internet. Our tips for making the right choice.

Among the multitude of models at hand in stores, it is difficult to sort out and choose the pair of glasses that will win all the votes.

Well, buying online is possible! As long as you follow certain rules.

What shapes and colors to choose, what are the pitfalls to avoid? The point with the experts at Easy glasses to find the perfect glasses without making a mistake.

Determine the shape of your face

There are different shapes (and sizes) of faces. Knowing yours will make you more likely to choose your glasses well and be satisfied when you receive your package! For that, a rule of thumb: do not choose a frame of the same shape as your face and make sure to keep balanced proportions: – No oversize frame, for example, for a small face.

 – A round face ? Try geometric glasses.

 – A square face? Choose frames with rounded shapes.

 – Is your face shaped like a heart? You will rather opt for oval or rectangular glasses.

 – Triangular face, favor the cat-eye shape. Note that a site with a large and well

-organized selection will make the choice easier for you.

 Keep it simple and think “long term” …

Like all accessories, glasses reflect your personality and give you confidence, so logically you are going to want a frame that totally matches your style. But it does represent an investment so think twice and steer clear of overly extravagant models. It is wiser to remove this metallic green floral pair from your basket!

Choose classic shapes such as cat-eye, rectangular or aviator frames and favor easy-to-wear colors (dark blue, black, tortoiseshell). Classic glasses are stylish while still being wearable. They will fit naturally and easily match your outfit.

So you will feel more confident wearing them. When it comes to contact lenses and sports glasses, comfort is key so choose recognized brands that are familiar to you. The last things you need this summer are contact lenses that will dry out in the heat or glasses that break during your marathon.

… But dare too!

It may sound contradictory, but sometimes you also have to ignore the rules (like the ones just above!) And just have fun. Maybe you’ve dreamed of a curvy pair that won’t match your face shape at all, or you’ve fallen for a red rhinestone frame just because you think it looks great. If that’s what you really want, go for it, you don’t need to be given permission.

Read the terms and conditions carefully

Practical but super important advice. Study the return conditions, the delivery costs, and see if you can try it online, like at SmartBuyGlasses. In short, educate yourself. No one wants to discover unexpected additional costs.


Be prepared to pay the price when you buy glasses, and especially for a pair with correction because they are an essential accessory. We repeat, whether for sunglasses or for prescription glasses, the best is to choose a timeless style that you will never tire of, combined with a good quality of frame and lenses for optimal protection and correction. Protect your glasses by storing them in their case to extend their life expectancy as much as possible.

Latest trend eyeglasses :

Large, round, small, hexagonal. Transparent, colored or patterned? It’s not always easy to find your way around in the glasses department, so rich is the diversity. While finding the perfect eyeglass shape for your face is essential, it’s even better to hit the nail on the head with the latest fashion trends. Each year brings its share of novelties and trendy effects, with frames that we will proudly unsheath to work as if for a terribly allure look

In terms of materials, we will be on 50% acetate and 50% metal glasses, knowing that there are also a lot of frames combined, combining the two. However, three major trends emerge this season in terms of frames:

– Oversize and large-volume frames are making a breakthrough this year: large frames indeed make it possible to assert a style, but also one’s personality, in particular with the mask which now hides 50% of the face (Editor’s note: due to the epidemic of Covid-19). They remain perfect to accentuate the highlighting of the gaze. We like them in thick materials like the very worked acetate, rounded, well-polished in order to obtain games of shine and light.

– Airy lightness: conversely, there is also a strong presence of metal worked in a much more minimalist way, with very fine and subtle metal models, which do not lack chic details (guilloche etc.).

– Eco-responsible models: indeed, as in ready-to-wear, the glasses department is not left out in terms of ethical production where we use bio-sourced or recycled materials (surgical steel, recycled metal, bio acetate).

Shapes and colors: what are the fashionable glasses?

“The trend is for geometric models this season, in all their forms.

On the palette side, we will focus on neutral and soft tones, but also on very trendy pastel colors this spring-summer 2021 like lavender, pale pink or even sky blue.

We also put on the play of transparency and light with frames in brown, honey or bronze.

And when it comes to sunglasses, we have the colored lenses!

Eyeglasses : what are the timeless?

Each season, there are these novelties which surf on the latest fashion trends, but also these models which endure and never cease to take pride of place. This is indeed the case with the pilot shape which has crossed the decades brilliantly, and which remains perfect for a retro vintage look as we like.

Finally, round shapes and pantos are also essential this year.

Note that we are also witnessing the big comeback of the butterfly and cat eye shape, both to assert a retro as well as a working girl look.

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