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Advice from Oprah Winfrey -The most famous woman in American TV history

Oprah Winfrey has become the first brunette to enter the billionaire club and the richest African-American woman. It is also referred to by many as one of the most powerful women in the world.

Winfrey was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom – America’s highest civilian honor – by President Barack Obama in 2013.

Hold on to the positive outlook

“Only you are responsible for your life. It does not matter what your mother did when you were young or what your father did not do. You are responsible for your life. ”

Oprah was not locked in on its troubles, despite having lived a very difficult childhood, from poverty to sexual assault and pregnancy in adolescence, all of this is enough to make anyone lose hope but not opera.

Instead of being trapped in negative emotions, Oprah has always focused on the good things in her life and she has learned to be satisfied.

The true friendship

“You will find many people wanting to be with you in the limousine, but what you want is the person who will take the bus with you when the limousine breaks down.”

Finding real friends in the celebrity world is a huge challenge; however, Oprah finds a true friend in the CBS broadcaster, Gayle King.

As they became friends in their twenties, Gayle is now working as an editor for the opera “O.” We may not be as famous as Oprah but finding real friends is still a huge challenge.

A true friend is a rare coin these days because it is not so easy to find another person who is willing to go through difficult times with you as you spend fun times together.

Good deeds

“The surest way to bring goodness to yourself is to make your intention to do good to someone else.”

Nobody can deny that Oprah Winfrey is one of the most generous celebrities ever.

Besides donating tens of millions of her personal money to charity, she also heads the Oprah Winfrey Charity Foundation, and her charities spend more than $ 50 million annually in issues that serve children and women in addition to education and health care.

Their difficult years have made them more sympathetic to the pain of others and they are constantly encouraging people to strive to make a positive impact.

Failure is part of the success

“There is a purpose behind each of us, and our mission in life is to find this goal and strive for everything you have to achieve.”

Oprah faced many difficulties and setbacks on her way to the top at the beginning of her career as a news anchor who was to make a name for herself because at that time it was a male-dominated field.

She was even kicked out of her first TV work as an evening news anchor for being emotionally involved in the news stories she was writing about.

She also faced the challenges of racism and sexual discrimination, but she faced this through learning, diligence and excel in her job.

Years later she reaped the fruit of this and became the number-one talk-show host in America.

It is very easy to feel frustrated when we face failure or setback in our personal or professional lives. No matter how hard we work or plan accurately, things can go wrong sometimes.

However, we can look at these setbacks not as a failure but as an opportunity for improvement.

There are always lessons we can learn from failure more than success, what matters is achieving your ultimate goal.

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