9 Important tips to extend the life of your laptop

The laptop is one of the most used and popular electronic devices by people of our time, and because this computer is designed to be portable and lightweight, some of its parts are sensitive and must be handled gently and in a correct way.

Therefore, if you want to keep your laptop safe and extend its life as long as possible, read the following tips for properly handling your electronic friend.

1- Do not fold the laptop cable roughly

You might think that a computer cable as flexible and foldable in any way will not be damaged, but that is not true.

Computer cables are designed to be lightweight and thin as a “laptop” computer so they may be damaged when folded to a sharp edge or packed in a random and rough manner. moreover, cable problems can cause problems charging the device.

2- Do not allow your cat or dog to get close to your laptop

It might seem amusing to allow your cat to sleep over your computer keyboard, photograph it, and share this funny picture on Instagram. But you need to know that animal dander can enter and collect small electronic parts and cause the computer to overheat and possibly damage it.

3- Do not keep the laptop connected to the charger

Because modern computer batteries are of lithium type.

Although computers are equipped with a control circuit to prevent overcharging, this circuit may be damaged, which means that the battery continues to be charged without stopping, and its temperature and damage are high.

So, disconnect the computer from charging when the battery is full.

4- Gently handle your computer screen

The laptop screen is the most sensitive part of it, so please, don’t be among those who are carrying their computers from its screen.

Holding the computer off the screen may expose it to bend and damage over time.

So make sure to open and close the screen gently, and if you want to hold the computer carry it from its body, not from its screen.

5- Purchase the cooling base

Many of us make a common mistake, which is that we put our laptop on our lap or on a soft pillow.

However, this causes the computer’s ventilation holes to be blocked and overheated.

Therefore, it is best to buy a laptop cooling pad.

6- Place the charging socket and gently pull it out

You may be in a hurry, and you want to pack the computer and put it in its bag quickly and pull the charging socket quickly and roughly.

You should know that this behavior may harm the outlet and cause problems with charging the computer later.

7- Make sure to put your computer in a suitable bag

The computer case should be soft and without sharp or hard edges.

Because putting a computer in a hard bag will not only expose its surface to scratches and distort its appearance, but it may cause many internal electronic parts that are sensitive to violent movements.

8- Be careful when cleaning the laptop screen

It is not permissible to clean a laptop screen with a cloth dampened in water.

As we mentioned, the computer screen is one of its most sensitive parts.

Instead, use a computer screen cleaner and a soft cloth that’s also meant for this purpose.

9- Do not eat near the laptop

Are you among those who use their computer as a dish to place a cup of coffee, tea or a dish? Fatal error.

Because liquids and foodstuffs damage your computer in two ways.

One of them – which is the known method – by accidentally spilling food on the device and entering it between the electronic parts.

As for what you don’t often know, putting a hot cup of tea on the surface of the laptop and even if it’s closed, the heat of the cup may damage the sensitive screen.

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