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25 Minimalist Life Hack – Tips and Tricks

The important things in life…easy to understand but also hard to do.

Today we’re talking about 24 minimalist life hacks that may help you to improve your lifestyle and that you can use to live a simpler meaningful and intentional life.

1- Color scheme


Pick a color scheme for all of your clothes, so whether you decide to go all cool tones, warm tones, all neutrals, or add in a couple of colors using a color scheme to simplify your wardrobe can definitely make all of your clothes match with each other a whole lot better and just really reduce the total number of clothes that you need to have a well-rounded wardrobe.

2- Pick quality


This one is probably the one that all of us know, but it really is true if you’re trying to live more meaningfully, more simply that picking one quality item over three that are not good quality is always going to be a better decision. surely, you may pay a little bit more but the amount of time that it’s going to last you in the long run, is going to definitely be worth that initial cost.

3- Use the library

1- Color scheme Talking about number one, is to pick a color scheme for all of your clothes, so whether you decide to go all cool tones, warm tones, all neutrals, or add in a couple of colors using a color scheme to simplify your wardrobe can definitely make all of your clothes match with each other a whole lot better and just really reduce the total number of clothes that you need to have a well-rounded wardrobe.

The days where you need to own a bookshelf full of all the books you want to read are gone.

Getting a library card is really your passport to pretty much any book that you want to read.

Sure,  there’s the occasional book that your library won’t have but using that as your first resource instead of automatically going out and buying an e-book is going to save you tons and tons of shelf space and money.

4- Delegate

Our fourth hack for you is to delegate; it’s not a bad thing to delegate it especially if you’re in a financial position to do. so hire someone to do your lawn for you or to clean the bathroom if there’s something that you’re doing that you don’t love or maybe that you don’t know how to do like coding something for your website, feel free to delegate that and don’t feel the need to bog down your soul with just tasks that you don’t enjoy.

5- Get a Netflix DVDs subscription


Get a Netflix DVDs subscription and I feel like everyone’s forgotten that Netflix still lets you rent DVDs.

Rather than purchasing DVDs when I want to watch something have chosen to get the subscription for.  I think it’s like 8 US dollars a month you can literally watch any DVD.

6- Hang up clothes

close-up-photo-of-hang-clothes-in wardrobe

Hang up all of your clothes with the exception of maybe like jammies and sweaters.

By hanging up your clothes you’re going to reduce the amount of ironing that you need to do.

It’s a lot easier to see what you own, and visually it’s just a lot easier to analyze everything that you have. I guess this helps for the minimalist wardrobe because it really just helps you to assess what you have a lot more easily, and it also helps you to save time with things like ironing and do wrinkling clothes.

7- Borrow or swap

Borrow or swap clothing you don’t need to buy everything new, as a matter of fact, you don’t even need to buy all the clothing that you own. I love borrowing clothes from my family my siblings are about the same size as me and so we do frequently swap clothing.

Another option is to get some of your friends together you do a clothing swap out items so that you don’t need to be purchasing anything new and you can just be trading for items that you might no longer like and getting something that you really love and enjoy.

8- Go paperless

Go paperless, try to make all of your bills on automatic payment and with online billing that will save the amount of paper that you bring into the home and the amount that you need to print. I think that in our digital age it just makes sense.

9- Reduce car use

Go carless or to go down to one car, so if you live in a big city like New York, Chicago ..etc, you can probably get away with going completely without a car and getting rid of it.

You may still have a decent amount of traveling you have to do,

But, if you can go down to one, that’s will save money, space and time for you and your family.

10-  Store out of sight

This one really just goes back to having a clean and peaceful home. I think that the atmosphere of a room is really affected when you have things scattered lying out everywhere.

 if you’ve got everything in its place, that’s going to create a lot more peaceful and a lot more just relaxing space.

11-  Turn off notifications

phone notifications

Having your notifications on can be super district reaction thing. So try keeping your phone on do not disturb or even just turn off the notifications in your phone so that you’re not going to be notified every time somebody likes or comments on an Instagram post or in similar apps, by turning off your notifications it can definitely reduce the mental clutter that you experience.

12-  Unsubscribe from emails

Too often we just kind of let the email subscriptions we have piled up until we’re literally drowning in emails every single day.

I’m not against getting emails, I think there are emails and subscribe to that people may love reading but the vast majority of them especially from things like grocery stores, you just don’t want to have.

 I really recommend it’s just taking you 15 to 30 minutes I just unsubscribe from all of those junk emails that you’re getting.

13-  Have only one

Have one pair of sunglasses, one pen, one pair of scissors, try having only one of something especially if it’s something that you find that you’re constantly losing. 

Try it reducing the amount that you have to just have one and you’ll find that not only are you going to be able to use that thing a lot more because where it is but also it’s just a lot more minimal in the first place.

14-  Clean your workplace

Clean your workspace every day at the end of your workday whether you’re at your home or your office, just clean off your workspace so that you can go to each new day with a fresh mindset a fresh space to be able to work in, this is so helpful for just increasing your productivity and really being able to get start each day with the proper mindset.

 15-  Not everything is a priority

Don’t make every single goal you have a priority, focus on what’s important. There are tons of things that we want to accomplish in a day but each day tries to pick one or two big priorities that are essentially like.

Not every single thing you have to do has to be a goal or to be made a priority, so just choose to focus on what’s important.

16-  Avoid window shopping

Avoid window shopping, this includes online shopping and when you’re at the store go in with purpose to buy something, but I really don’t suggest just going to look around whether that’s an online store or in-person. Be there intentionally, know what you want and then come out of the store with what you want. 

It’s way too easy when you’re window-shopping to make impulsive purchases that you’re going to regret later.

 17-  Create a donation box

Set aside a box somewhere in your house that as you just go through your life and find things that you’re no longer getting value from that you can go ahead and donate them or declutter them.

 By having this, it really just helps you to kind of maintain minimalism on an ongoing basis and you know if you just take that box to the donation store at once a month, once every two months it really is a great way to be able to maintain a decluttered space.

 18-  Do it now

One of the ways that clutter piles up in our houses and just spaces become unclean and things don’t get done is because we always put them off for it later, but quite often a lot of the things that are along these lines are things that you didn’t do in 60 seconds or less so my tip is that if you can do it in that period of time do it now and don’t let it pile up like.

 19-  Gifts are meant to bring joy

Gifts are meant to bring joy, if you don’t love it, give it to somebody else who will get value from it, a lot of times we have guilt associated with gifts that have been given to us but honestly, gifts are meant for the person receiving the gift, not the giver.

So if the gift that you’ve received doesn’t add value to your life you shouldn’t feel about guilty about decluttering it.

 20-  Use lists

Use a list to evaluate purchases before going ahead and buying them, going shopping with lists whether that’s grocery shopping or new clothing that you need to buy.

Having a list helps to consider what will actually add value to your life, what you actually need instead of walking into a store randomly and coming out with ten different things that you didn’t intend to buy.

 21-  Replace, don’t increase

Replace, don’t increase is one of my favorite ways of doing a haul,  bringing stuff into my life is to do kind of an anti-haul, in a sense that I’ll declutter something for everything that I bring into my life.

So if I bring four pieces of clothing into my life my goal is going to be to declutter four pieces of clothing at the same time.

It’s a really easy way to maintain a more minimal and more decluttering space.

 22-  Make an experiences wish list

I absolutely love this idea, so often people create product wish lists of all the things that they want to buy, but I think it’s a fun thing to do kind of for a more minimalist mindset is to create a list of experiences you want to have, concerts you want to go to, places you want to visit, things you want to do, and use that to kind of goals for the next year the next couple of years.

23- Set Bills on autoplay 

 Nothing is worse than having to go ahead and manually pay every single one of your bills month after month.

By setting up your bills on autopay you can kind of reclaim your time and how much you’re spending each month, it’s a great way to really just be more intentional about how you spend your time and how much you enjoy the time that you spend.

 24-   Decluttering is not a one-time event

Decluttering is not a one-time event it’s really valuable to just really wait for the items in your life periodically.

Periodically reevaluating the different spaces of your life can really just help you to reassess whether not you’re still getting value from the things that you have and just by intentionally reevaluating things oftentimes you’ll find things that just are still in your life but maybe aren’t adding value anymore.

25-  Stop bargain hunting

Finally, you should stop bargain hunting shopping for sales is one of the easiest ways to add unnecessary things into your life, it is one of the top ways that people add impulse purchases into their life with the justification that “ oh but it’s so cheap”. Just stop this habit completely and you’ll be a lot better off for it.


In the end, Some of these might be of second nature to you depending on your circumstances of course.

Those are my minimalist life hacks presented for you, I hope that you found this article helpful, hopefully will inspire you for different ways that you can live a less complicated and more intentional life.

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