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10 Of The Best K-Pop bands Of 2019, According To Fans

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If you are completely new to the concept of K-pop, it means “Korean Pop”, and it has gained great popularity all over the world in the last decade.

This music category includes many different genres, from pop to rap, R&B, EDM, rock and more. But K-Pop is not just about music, which is why it is a type that can addictive to those who hear it.

Beautiful dances and great music videos are an important part of “Hallyu” or the wave of Korean culture spread around the world.

There are some Korean “K-Pop” artists that you might want to add to your playlist as quickly as possible.

In the following list, we will present 10 of the most popular K-pop teams you may like.

1- BTS

Can we talk about K-pop without mentioning BTS? I do not think so.

BTS can be said to be the worldwide popular K-pop group, and for good reason, they ranked first on iTunes in over 65 countries and ranked first on the Billboard Social 50 chart for 114 weeks with the US Concert Tour.

The first group that won prizes at the Billboarding Ceremony, the Best Team Award for 2019 and the Best Artist Award at the Three-Year Billboard Awards Ceremony (2017, 2018-2019)

The boy’s band was happy to mix hip-hop and pop. Someone might watch.


The girl group composed of Jenny, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose, the band that is considered one of the most popular and famous groups, where every song released by BLACKPINK meets its own success and may remain stuck in your head for several days.

They have made history on musical charts over the past two years with dynamic and audacious songs as well as the amazing dance designs they present with their music videos.



The boys band whose members deserve a place in your playlist, by spearheading many music charts and earning fans’ love all over the place, you’ll understand Monsta X’s popularity the moment you listen to their songs.

Their music is a mix of hip-hop, EDM, and pop, and every song is a world you might want to delve into.


The girls’ group that is a passion for Korean people and fans around the world. Distinct rhythms and a varied music mix have made TWICE one of South Korea’s most addicting bands at the moment.

The fun and attractive girls’ voices and characters have made them, since the demarcation in 2015 to the present, the k-pop queens around the world.

5- EXO

With strong sounds and addictive music videos, EXO has reached the heart of its fans. This group of nine boys has been in the k-pop world for nearly seven years and has been at the forefront of musical charts from the start.

The band has tried every concept you can imagine, sexy, cute, fun. One of the reasons that drew the hearts of fans was their ability to present a new image of themselves.

Of course, they should mention their nomination for the Best Social Artist award at the 2019 Billboard Awards.


They are young and new to the world of k-pop, but when you listen to them you will feel that they have been around for several years.

The eight-member boys’ group is one of the strongest groups that appeared in the history of the k-pop, and it swept the world within four months.

The band is distinguished by strong singing, strong rap, elaborate dances and skills that cannot be ignored.

The group released five music videos in this short period of time and shattered YouTube watch records.


Irene, Solghi, Wendy, Joy, Jerry, five girls that will make you fun, cute, and sexy bold, with addicting songs and music videos.

The group has been shaking musical charts around the world for the past two years, and they have always surprised fans with unexpected new sounds and concepts, and even they have released English versions of their songs.

8- NCT

One of the biggest k-pop groups, NCT has 21 members, but they’re not all performing together. The group is divided into sub-groups NCT127, NCT U, NCT Dream, and WayV.

The NCT Dream group offers fun and enjoyable music, while NCT U is the group that presents its music according to specific concepts.

NCT 127 is the group that represents the Korean capital, “Seoul”, while WayV is the Chinese version of the group.

It might be a little confusing at first, but once you delve into their world and the music they offer you will become a big fan.


Do you want something classic? Girls ’Generation is what you need.

Although they no longer performed as a group anymore, they were the main reason for attracting fans to the k-pop when you drew in 2007 (and personally I was one of those fans who entered the k-pop world after listening to SNSD).

The Nine Girls Group is known as SNSD in Korea, being the first and always the first girl group until this time, capturing everyone’s love through lively and fun youth songs and videos.


Are you looking for Korean rock-pop music? No more research, THE THE ROSE has arrived at the four-member Korean band who write their song, compose their music, and play that music themselves.

The group is one of the most famous groups of boys in South Korea.

Their music covered love, mental health, and dark human emotions, and you will never regret hearing them.

Finally, If you are a fan of k-pop and would like to try something new, or if you are new to this wide field of music, this list will be your guide to getting to know some of the best singers in South Korea.

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